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Das Boot! My Achilles story (UPDATED!)

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Well if you saw the instagram post (@dynamiteduo) you saw that I am in a Boot for 2 weeks. So, 5 years ago I was hit by a closing gate right on my achilles tendon... it did not feel good. Nothing actually happened outside of some bruising. About 3 months ago I started limping and it got really tight and hard to walk up stairs so I went to the Doc at Duke Health. X-rays showed a bone spur shaped like Massachusetts pointed stright out (not like the pick pelow) so they prescribed PT to see if they soul get swelling down.... well, it did the opposite. after 3 PT visits they told me to Stop doing the exercises and they needed and MRI to verify the "scraping and popping" they felt. So I went back to Doc and he stuck me into a boot for the next two weeks... this sucks... actually I'm not sure if its helping. so Stay tuned... UPDATE! no tear! and I was able to get my MRI results

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