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Cancer Sucks!

Hey all, Just wanted to drop a line and share things that were going on in our lives.

Last week we lost a friend who had been fighting stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer for over 4 years. He was Blessed to have so long after his original diagnosis. The Same week we found out that a close friend of ours (scary Larry), Who has been there with us selling merch or running cameras for many years, His Leukemia came back. Below is a Go fund me link if you would be so kind to help him as he faces another battle. Not only that, but I also have someone in my family quietly going through Chemo right now which is extremely close to me. (thoughts and prayers for real on that)

If you remember when we did Wasa Tusa launch we donated profits to the V foundation in honor of Mason Farmer. Cancer is all around us, Its a sad and devastating disease. It touches the lives of so many, including us. As we celebrate the lives of people we have lost, and encourage those battling now we wanted to share our struggles with this disease as it impacts people close to us.

Sorry for the sad post.... but thats what we are dealing with right now.

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