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I watched as a semi truck driver swerved down a highway here in Raleigh yesterday. Then, BOOM! He ran right into the start of the Cement Pylon entering a construction zone. I quick pulled over and limped back (remember Ankle issue still) to make sure he was ok, and quickly noticed the Fuel pouring out all over my feet and legs (it was 70 and sunny so shorts and slides!). So we quickly got his stuff and got away from the truck as the fire department showed up. As people drove by spreading the flammable liquids all over the road and mist in the air.... the dude lit a cigarette ..... really. Anyway, the other witnesses saw the driver messing with his phone as he got on the highway so she stayed with me so we could both give statements to the police.

This is just a reminder "It can wait"....and also an admission of guilt... I text and drive all the time..... so I also have to be better!

LUCKILY in this case nobody was hurt (even the driver). The hood is in the way but the passenger side of the truck is basically gone underneath the seat. Ill hang up my cape until the next time



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