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Funeral Reflection

Hey all, Im in a state of reflection as I spent the last few days celebrating my "GG" and her 92 years of life. Its always hard to let someone go to the great beyond, but it's nice to be reminded of what a Life you can live. The Priest at the funeral reminded us all to live life to its fullest, have fun, be kind and happy. If you don't get scared sometimes, you are not pushing yourself to do more. Be uncomfortable and thrive! After hearing about Taylor Hawkins of the foo fighters passing away, and watching Will Smith Slap Chris Rock in a bit of angry frustration at the oscars the whole week has been a reminder of how to live.... nobody is perfect, but you can try to be good

All great life advice, if you care to take it. Thanks GG for being there for my family and setting an example for my wife and kids! This Bad of Horses song always reminds me of times like these. (probably cause it called "the Funeral") -Phillips

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