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Phillips Nerds out about Yamaha drums

A few are back I remember getting a call from Greg Crane inviting me to officially endorse Yamaha drums. We were on tour with the Virgin Marys driving towards Phoenix in the middle of nowhere, I'm surprised I had cell service. This was honestly a dream come true, I had been playing my Yamaha oak custom kit for a few years before that and that Kit actually help craft the sound that IAD has. I've always been appreciative of everything I have, I've been able to get different drums throughout the past couple years (like this amazing brass recording custom 13x6.5 pictured here) and I've never been disappointed. I love being part of the Yamaha drums Family! - Phillips #YamahaDrums #Yamaha #drums #YamahaDrums #yamaha #drums #drumnerd #oakcustom #recordingcustom

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