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Scentless Apprentice

As you all know Chris and I both Teach our respective instruments when we aren't out on tour. Recently I had a student bring me a clip of a Drumeo instructor teaching the song "Scentless Apprentice" by "#Nirvana.

With the passing of Taylor Hawkins I feel like songs that are tied to Foo Fighters and coming back sorta speak. Anyway!

Back in like 2008/2009 Chris and I were in a band with our buddy Jeff that played a Nirvana Tribute show at the Blind pig in Ann Arbor MI. I found those recordings... they arent the best! but I thought for a couple kids in a local band that was pretty good.... Also It was the debut of my old 27 inch Wuhan China cymbal that I rocked till it cracked many years later! RIP to my China (someone in KC bought that at a show I think)

Due to copywrite I cant upload the audio from that Live Show...

Below is the #drumeo clip I'm talking about & the link to the song, check out our curated spotify playlist this week.... its on there

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