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Walk like an Egyptian

We always thought it was Fun to haul up people on stage and make them play with us! So we started playing "Walk like an Egyptian" by "the Bangles". Then back in 2015 or 16 we finally recorded our version of it out in LA with our friend Stephan (A.k.a Justified Noise) producing. We didnt do anything with it till 2019 when we released it out of nowhere! Chris and I were still trying to figure out if we were going to keep going in this band or not at that time, so to have something to release was great, but I think it was overlooked! Some songs we "retire" because they just arent as fun as they used to be. Thats why we dont always play "Stereo" or this one live! We did it for so many years it seemed to loose its steam live for us. But with the release it lives on! ..........and Yes thats us whistling

Question.....Did you every play with us on stage??

Below is a live version at a house party in Michigan, official youtube, and spotify link! Check it out

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