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What we've been up too!

Hey all! we have been buy the last few weeks!

We had to Cancel a show this week that we'd been promoting due to a Personal unforseen circumstance! everything is fine!... we just were unable to do the show! you know we hate doing that and rarely do, but we had no choice with this and we appreciate the way everyone handled the issue! Thanks to the bands the Big Net and Nico Hedley and to Rubies on 5 points in Durham for being understanding and supportive!

Props to the band Riggings for stepping in to fill our spot!

We sent out a Ton of Signed Vinyl this past week! If you missed that that means you dont pay attention to us on Social media! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @dynamiteduo and the old folks can follow us on Facebook too! THANK YOU to all those friends who grabbed a signed vinyl we will do it again in case you missed it.

Check out this video from our bud

Also! My mom finished Chemo!!!! so that great! and Our boy Larz is looking at his Transplant asap!!!!! so all is going well! Thanks for supporting

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