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When In Rome, you do Rome things (AKA San Diego)

Well I was not in Rome.... but San Diego. My wife and I finally were able to get away for a Wedding weekend of our friends. Covid had postponed this wedding 2 or 3 times.... so it finally happened. I haven't been in SD since Chris and I would play 91X shows! (man i miss playing there, hopefully soon) ((CALL 91X and request Corner Street)) We had a great run out there with several House of Blues shows, X fest 2013, Shock Top and Jimmy Johns acoustic lounge, and A trolley Show. Below are some clips from some of those shows!

We got to do some other things while we were there outside of the wedding like a Hike and climb, local favorites (in and out, and Gaslight breakfast co.), plus the Padres were playing there way into a playoff victory which was fun to be around that. ALSO, Why is Gas so high in Cali? DANG!!!

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