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Ankle healing

Hey everyone!

Chris and I have been working to get back to playing and giving New songs to you all!

Its hard work for me with my PT and ankle stuff... I cant quite play how I used too but its coming along! and I will be back

I am still battling swelling and tight scar pain. I actually had to get two stitches removed that did not dissolve and it cause a small infection, so now I'm on antibiotics dealing with weird pain.

I had to get my scar "blade'd" which it a PT tool that scrapes the tissue to loosen it up... It was the most painful thing I've ever felt!!!!!! but needs to be done!

Below is a Pic of my Crusty scar before the Blade! and A better pic After the Stitches came out and its cleaned up #Achilles #injury #bonespur #infection #antibiotics #scar #PT #swelling #sorrynotsorry #tryingnottobedepressed

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