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Quick Vacations, Practice?, more Covid, and HAPPY Little clouds

Hello Everybody!!! hope you are having a great week. Ill start this week off showing you a pic I snapped while driving my Family up to Michigan... not quite sure what its called when Clouds do this but its amazing to watch nature work its artistic hand! Happy little clouds. You get from the title that I (Phillips) an headed out for a small summer Vaca while Martin recovers from getting Covid. That in mind, remember last week I posted about our hiking trip to Mt. Mitchell... well Martin and Scary Larry decided to get the Rona.

Once I fly back to NC its Time to Practice! our First show back from before Covid started is July 13th at Duke Gardens! #northcarolina #mtmitchellstatepark #covid #michigan #clouds #shows #dukegardens #scarylarry #happylittleclouds #bobross

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