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The show that Saved us!

Hey all I hope you have a great Christmas and a happy New year!

I found the Live Footage of the First time we did a show with Bon Jovi, back in 2017. We actually won a contest to be the local opener in Detroit since Martin still lived in Michigan thats where "home" was. Little known fact, Chris and I hadn't seen or played music with each other for like 2 or 3 months before this show... we kinda figured the band was fizzling away into band Heaven. But we were able to get a vocal practice and one rehearsal in before we played in front of 12000+ at Joe Louis Arena before it was torn down. Shortly after that show "home" had turned into Raleigh Durham (now that we both live there) and we were asked to open for Bon Jovi again at PNC arena a year later (check out Bloom Live at PNC Arena below) Anyway! I like joking that Jon Bon Jovi saved us! Below is the Vid and Raw audio (remember we only practiced like 1.5 times haha) and you can only watch it here on

Obviously we audio was pummed in for the video but the live audio is low in the mix

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